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Daimler to launch three new electric trucks in Australia
Daimler to launch three new electric trucks in Australia
Daimler to launch three new electric trucks in Australia 22nd June 2024 Tags:

Daimler Trucks is on the road to going green, with a new launch of another three electric trucks set for Australia this year.

After recently trialling electric versions of their Canter and Actros with a number of customers, updated versions of the trucks will be launching soon.

Daimler have also announced the new eEconic.

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Fuso eCanter

The smallest of the trio is the second generation eCanter, with a newly designed combination rear drive unit called the eAxle.

The eAxle combines the electric motor, gearbox and differential into one unit that is placed between the rear wheels to drive two half-shafts.

The first generation of the eCanter has been available since 2021 in Australia for lease only, however the second generation is now available for outright purchase.

At 4.5 tonne Gross Vehicle Mass, the smallest versions of the eCanter (e515) can be driven with a car licence and come with a 41.3 kWh battery offering around 100km of driving range.

Larger versions will require a light truck licence, and come with the 82.6 kWh battery and 300 km with the 124kWh battery pack.

The truck uses a regenerative braking set-up which as a car driver, can take a little bit of getting used to.

The eCanter is available in four versions:

e515 (4.5t GVM) city (narrow) and wide cab versions

e615 (6t GVM) city (narrow) and wide cab versions

e818 (7.5t GVM) wide cab

e918 (8.55t GVM) wide cab

Mercedes Benz eActros

European trials of the eActros first began in 2018 before it went into production in 2022.

A medium to heavy duty truck, it is available in rigid and prime mover 4×2 (four wheel/2 driven) and 6×2 (6 wheels, 2 driven) configurations.

The eActros offers up to 40t Gross Combination Weight, features an eAxle drive system and up to 334 kWh of battery.

Local driving range testing by Daimler has achieved 300 km fully loaded, with 20% battery capacity remaining. Charging is DC only at up to 150 kW.

Mercedes-Benz eEconic

The newly developed eEconic is designed for municipal use with an accessible cabin and easy entry and exit access.

For better visibility it has large expanses of glass and is to be sold as both a 4×2 19t and 6×2 26t GVW vehicle offering a payload of 16.3t for the 6×2.

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